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The Skills of Good Sexual Communication

I hope that from reading this, you can start to see the skill sets that lie underneath the umbrella of “skillful sexual communication”:

  • The art of identifying what you want and then making inviting requests.

  • The skill of not taking things personally when other people can’t give it to you — knowing that that doesn’t reflect anything about the validity for YOUR ask.

  • The power of knowing what’s really an authentic juicy YES for you… and how to give yourself permission to follow that.

  • How to know what’s really a NO for you, and how to set boundaries without blaming or shaming the other person.

  • How to approach someone new in a powerful, confident way.

  • How to gracefully turn someone down.

  • How to communicate in a way that shakes up the routine in your relationship, pushes the edges of the status quo and allows you to have new, exciting, joyous experiences together that expand your sense of what’s possible… and how to follow up afterwards.

So many things are possible when you up level your sexual communication.


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