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Sexologist      |        Sexuality Educator      |       Surrogate Partner Specialist

Nature, Nurture, Plain Damn You!

I believe that everything begins and ends in connection with my body. I help others to heal and to grow through connecting to this vehicle that takes us through life.  

Join me on a journey to experience greater body-mind wellness, connection with yourself and others, and expanding your awareness of your authentic mind-body wisdom.

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I dedicate myself to helping others develop expanded authentic mind-body awareness to lead more fulfilling sensual, erotic, and sexual lives. I work one-on-one, with couples, small groups, and large groups through programs and educational presentations.

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Dr Susan Kaye

Dr Susan Kaye

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One-on-one Coaching

Somatic Mentoring

Plain Damn You!

I believe that we are made up of three ingredients: Our Nature, Our Nurture, and Plain Damn Me. Our Nature comes from our creation; it's biological, its what we get from our birth parents. Our Nuture forms us from our early life experiences; how we are cared for, our religious path, and the beliefs of the people who raised us. The third part is Plain Damn You...your gifts, your talents, your lessons..what is natural for YOU. 

Training and Speaking

Green Goodness

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Our success is measured by your level of well-being. Get in touch today and find out how we can help set you on the path to better health.



Dr. Susan Kaye is Founder of the institute for Integrative Mind-Body Therapies, offering information regarding practitioners and trainings which bring verbal (neck up) and somatic arts practitioners (neck down) including trained surrogate partners together.  Our teaching  is of mind/body wellness collaboration. In our culture life is lived “neck up”.   I believe that people need to also live  from the "neck down" for healthy balance. My  career path started with training with Masters and Johnson. It has been to help others remove years of sexual emotional pain, trauma,  secrecy and ignorance, empowering them to reclaim their lost pleasure birthrights  of celebrating our physical being, exquisite sensuality and blissful sexuality.

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