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Surrogate Partner Therapy

“Often the hands will solve a mystery that the intellect has struggled with in vain” – Carl G. Jung


“The concept of surrogate partners grew out of the work of Masters and Johnson in the mid-1960’s.

Their initial research centered on understanding and improving the sex lives of married

couples. Eventually their work addressed the issue of helping un-partnered individuals treat their

sexual dysfunction. As necessity is the mother of invention they recruited an untrained group of

women to aid these single individuals in resolving their sexual problems. Masters and Johnson

created a mechanical approach to sexuality, devoid of emotional intimacy.” “Sex is the least of it”

written by Tova Feder, PhD.

Below is my doctorate dissertation which was written from the historical records of three female

surrogate partners. My purpose for compiling this data was to prove through a compilation of

stories,resources and statistics which document the effectiveness of surrogate partner therapy.

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