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Are you in touch with yourself and others?

Inside the question of “Am I Normal If” comes the question of what is natural for you? What would it feel like to ask yourself  “Am I Natural If....?” Does this behavior, this belief, this quest fit my motivation, my desires, my reason to get out of bed, my being on the planet?


In the pages and the stories of this book, we look at the questions asked in a sex therapy practice. Together we look at seemingly insurmountable pain points that can be boiled down to one factor:  who is “Plain Damn You?” What is your own you with you?  Your one-of-a-kind snowflake, your fingerprint, your unique contribution to a diverse humanity?  Finding and figuring out just who “Plain Damn You” really is becomes the building blocks to the natural you being celebrated and honored.


Integrative Mind Body Therapies, LLC is committed to an integrative body- mind wrap around wholeness.  Our ultimate goal is for a sensual and sexual connection to ourselves first and then to others. “Am I Normal If”  takes you on a journey into such topics as early sex messages, diversity questions, self-pleasure, body shame, first attraction, sex and faith, and much more.

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