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Feminine Wisdom, San Francisco, CA
"Dr. Susan Kaye has been instrumental in educating the public about surrogate partner therapy. She is also responsible for training therapists to understand how this can be of benefit to their clients."

The Body Genius , Houston, TX
"Susan has many years experience knowledge and passion for assisting others in the areas of touch,
being a surrogate and intimacy. She is passionate about her work!!!"

S & C Consultants, Staunton, VA
"I am currently working and collaborating with Dr Susan Kaye on a book. Working with her has been mentally stimulating and absolutely fascinating as we delve into the years of her work, how she has developed the processed and theories she uses with clients and case studies that she has collected with clients over the years. Learning and now explaining how "Plain Damn You" came to be and how it is applied in her sessions with clients and can have life changing effects for them. I highly recommend Dr Kaye."


Barbara Anne Rose, Houston, DE

"Dr. Susan Kaye and I met when I attended her surrogate partner training in Texas a few years ago. It was extremely informative and has benefited me in the work that I do. Susan has also sent a few clients to me for the healing bodywork I do. Thank you Susan!"

Bill Stayton, Mdv, Ph.D, University of Minnesota Medical School
"I have worked as a therapist with surrogate partners for many years and find their service very important and helpful when done in a triadic relationship with a certified therapist."

Anita Defrancesco -Tanta Wisdom
"She is professional and has helped many."

Live a True Life, Burlington, VT
"Susan is an expert in this field."

Gabi Lovve, Dr. Lovve Enterprises, Sarasota, FL
"Beautiful Work!"

Texas Sexual Health, Irving, TX
"Dr. Susan Kaye is a veteran in the field and has a wealth of knowledge and experience. Working in collaboration with her leads to the best outcomes for clients. She is also supportive and caring. A true role model and mentor."

Holistic Expert, Devon, PA Medical Center
"I love to work with Susan as a professional. She has a holistic approach to every intimate problem."

The Astral Connection, Austin TX
"She is a highly competent therapist."

Philadelphia Team Client
"Now that I feel that my therapy was successful, and had some time to process and talk with you and Jenny, I wanted to say thank you again for all your help.  I probably would still not have committed to it if you hadn’t encouraged me on our first call.

I can’t really imagine another way working (for me at least) than the team approach you’ve put together.  The differences in perspective, the encouragement, and the sense that not only is it ok to discuss these issues, but to work on it with multiple therapists really makes a difference.  The gradual, steady pace kept me focused and interested, without ever feeling out of control or anxious.

Now I have enough confidence to pursue relationships.  But more importantly, I feel more integrated as a person, and at peace with who and where I am and how I got here."


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