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One couples story on open marriage.

"Seven years ago we decided to open our marriage and explore what having different partners would be like. The transition was rocky and I feel it was partly because there was not enough communicating about expectations, boundaries or limitations. We decided to go to marriage counseling for maintenance and found a mixed reaction to having an “open marriage” by different therapist. Some were positive and supportive, others were skeptical about how it would impact our marriage long-term and could not put their own personal bias aside. We knew we were happy and dealt through or own issues of insecurity, fear, and guilt. Fast forward to present day and we have learned a great deal of being about being ethically non-monogamous. Through meeting partners on the various dating apps, being “ghosted”, “bread crumbed” or “zombied”, we have found a rhythm that works for us and now brings great joy and appreciation for each other. There is an ebb and flow to the open lifestyle and we have enjoyed learning more about each other and meeting different type of people. Recently, I have found a partner who is bisexual and currently living with another man. We all had lunch together to meet each other and it was such a wonderful experience. We are all getting our needs met and have such open communication that both sides of the relationship benefits and feels enriched. Now that we are working with Dr. Kaye, we feel even more empowered and are learning so much to help us continue our journey. "

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