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Am I Normal If?

I am writing a blog about the boxes society strives to put us in. The labels others design for their own sense of safety and security in the hidden agenda of control. However, we are our own snowflake - or as I call it - Plain Damn You! I am writing about the question I hear most in my therapy office:..."Am I Normal If." My answer..."There is no normal. How about we find what is natural for you?"

Sharing our stories gives all of humanity shared pieces of each and every one of us. I believe we can learn from one another to honor and love our "Plain Damn Me." By sharing, we unite as intricately designed rare human beings not just a label in a neatly packaged box. I am looking to learn about what your "Am I normal if.." consists of. For an example, people ask "Am I normal if I masturbate 10 times a day?" "Am I normal if I masturbate 10 times per year?" If you are interested in participating please comment below your own "Am I normal if.."If you prefer to share privately, I invite you to schedule a 15 minute appointment for us to chat! Schedule here:

Thank You,

Dr. Susan Kaye

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