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Welcome to a place that is safe and comfortable to learn about renewing and reconnecting to your personal style, charm and sex appeal that's part of everyone at any age.

We are your resource for information and inspiration to help you...

  • Live more fully in your own skin.

  • Love yourself unconditionally.

  • Learn to create what you want and need in relationship life.

What I Believe

We are all born with an innate hunger to be touched. As adults, we crave touch. We desire to be held in someone's arms, to hug, to engage our sensual urges, to be stroked, cuddled, caressed and loved.

Touch is the most powerful way to communicate empathy, friendship, approval, affirmation and love to one another. We can nurture each other deeply with a gentle caress of our hand, sharing the warmth of skin-to-skin contact.

Using the tools of surrogate partner therapy as taught by Masters and Johnson, sensate focus techniques and the work of Betty Martin's "Wheel of Consent" we introduce an expression of mind, body communication.


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